Friday, 2 January 2015

Cool Forest

Last Thursday was a New Year’s Day holiday & we decided to travel about an hour to Barrington Tops National Park to do some bushwalking. There are pockets of rainforest with beautiful clear rivers & streams.

At one point I was tracking a Lyrebird in the hope of a good photo but it alluded me so I gave up & went for a swim. While swimming the lyrebird came out onto a branch, burst into song then flew across the river with its flowing tail, it hopped up into some trees & joined a mate sitting silently in the canopy. I swam off to get my camera but by the time I got back they were gone. It was a great moment to witness but disappointing that I couldn’t get it on film…never mind.

So today I was doodling with some rainforest images but somehow ended up revisiting some images from New Zealand, in particular the Kea, which is a mountain parrot that is known to habit the birch forests of Arthurs Pass.


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