Tuesday, 6 January 2015

6's & 7's & 8

“Lucky” & “Unlucky”… When I hear either of those words it has an implication of events. It is as if the world or the universe is oblivious to humanity, maybe a bunch of natural laws are in play or equally a bunch of Greek gods warring above & humanity in its smallness can only dodge what may come it’s way or hope that a demi - god of influence is nearby, other than that it’s down to human intelligence to find a way…Because of the volatile picture of nature many assume an impersonal randomness of no real set purpose for humanity.

Psalm 8:1-9. on the other hand reveals a declaration of design & order, God, the only God who is in control. Humanity has been given a place of honour in the created order, crowned as it were. There is no luck here. Yes, sin & tragedy occur along with blessing but this is not an equation of impersonal meaninglessness, our intelligence comes from the maker of heaven & earth but faith is required to walk in humbleness of heart. Yes, there is something majestic & ordered about our predicament & surrounds, this in a way reflects the intelligence & majesty of God, who is forever praised.


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