Sunday, 14 December 2014

Veiled Majesty

Nature slash Creation can be mind-blowing at times, the sight alone may leave us in awe, not to mention how it all fits together on a timetable of function, purpose & beauty. And all that being the case… this is on the dark side of the fall with all its misery, pain & the presence of evil & death.

It’s little wonder that people claim they can get close to God in nature slash creation. After all it reveals much about God. Rom 1:20. But to really know God, not just what He has made requires intimacy & relationship.

To walk again with God in true joy, as if in the garden where all was good takes us to the person of Christ Jesus the gate. John 10:9. Without God we walk the path of the evil one, master of our own deception for a time.

For now what we see is a collision of good & evil in a natural world with spiritual influences. The battle unfolds as the Christ rescues many from the captivity of darkness. This is the wonder of Christmas…that God should take on our humanity & satisfy the justice of God that humanity & creation might be restored.


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