Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Wits & the Dimwits

The Great Wall of China went up, the Berlin wall came down. There are walls in Israel too... When we were younger an occasional prank call became a form of entertainment when mum & dad were out. Once we phoned someone & subjected them to our immaturity, wit, or half measure of wit better known as a dimwit by asking them if Mr Wall was there? No. Is Mrs Wall there? No. Are there any walls there? No. Well you better get out before the roof falls in! These days’ dad jokes are my specialty & they still make me laugh & occasionally I get a win with the kids but also plenty of reminders that I don’t always get connectivity with my audience.

There are walls to build, defend & maintain (Nehemiah) & walls to breakdown (Jeremiah 1:10). In this God calls Christians to participate in the life of the church & society. We can only do this though because the wall of sin & shame now has an opening because of Christ. Matthew 27:51

Many on a daily & hourly basis are seeking to demolish the wall of sin in their own way, the opening is apparent to them but it lacks the appeal of doing things their own way. Sadly this is a large scale operation that is doomed to fail due to the stubbornness of heart & unrelenting pride. Matthew 13:1-23

Dr Paul White illustrates this truth in the “Jungle Doctor” series “The Great Wall” which can be downloaded here in comic format.

The Great Wall

Dr Paul White (Profile)

Yes, humanity is caught between a rock & a hard place but there is a way through.

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