Saturday, 6 December 2014

Stems in the garden

The birth of Christ is the following through of a promise, Gods promise to deliver us from evil through His plan of Salvation. Although we may quickly identify with what we perceive to be evil in others we are not so quick to recognise the evil or darkness that exists within our own character or the vast difference between what was then & what is now on earth peering back to Eden amidst all the controversy of human nature, earthly speculation & limited assumptions. Scripture tells us plainly that we have lost our way. Isaiah 53:6.

We are all corrupted, in need of help we are spiritually poor & destitute, lost in our circumstances & unable to even help ourselves when it comes to what God requires of us. We are out in the cold…It is in or through Christ alone that we are urged to come into Gods kingdom. Salvation is not a human DIY pursuit. Again, we are urged to call on God. Psalm 51:1-19.Matthew 11:25-30.


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