Thursday, 25 December 2014

Mighty Ocean & getting ship + shape

Boxing Day for me & many is recovery day, a time to seek refuge & drop anchor. Christmas Day involves a fair bit of travelling & catching up with family. Young people grow up fast & older people age on, the time & tide of wear & tear waits for none, no matter how good your plastic surgery is or isn’t.

A fleet of yachts will line up for the Sydney to Hobart Race. The High Tech, highly masted & engineered creations will be captained southward down the east coast of Australia. The starting ceremony captures great interest & at times controversy. Yachts, the elements & creatures of the deep blue sea, a fair bit of advertising & some personal profiles make for an interesting event.

Charles Spurgeon witnessed a similar event some couple of hundred years ago & penned a sermon for the service of God…"There go the ships.” At a guess, today pleasure & sport are probably more dominant in our thinking than the commerce based thinking of yester year or yester century but from a biblical perspective the salvation & sanctification story remains the same.

There go the ships (Spurgeon)


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