Sunday, 21 December 2014


I had to go into the city to pick up a part the other morning, as a rule I like to take my camera along just in case I come across something interesting. At a set of traffic lights I noticed a mural with a limited palette that I really liked.

This morning before church I had a walk around our garden. My wife had told me there were some stink bugs about & once I spotted how many there were I got to catching them with a plastic bag over my hand, then placing them in a plastic drink bottle with tall sides. The stink bugs can really damage a tree & they produce a spray that stinks & stings the eyes.

In hunting down the bugs I came across a small green tree frog & a large grasshopper taking refuge within the orange tree so decided to have a go at getting some images. Automatic focus with lots of green objects can be really difficult but I got a few good compositions thankfully.

While downloading images this afternoon I noticed the limited palette again & decided to doodle on Picasa 3 then switched to Corel paint Shop Pro 4 to insert the magnifying lens & reduce the file size of the images.


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