Friday, 19 December 2014

Food glorious (in excelsis Deo) Food

The past week has been so busy, complicated as well with a mystery fuel leak that hindered the registration process & a mystery sound emanating from under the van that had me guessing & pulling things apart to investigate. Finally the tail shaft bearing indicated that it had had enough & the local shop let me know I had to go further afield to track down a part within the desired time frame. Other people were letting me know they wanted stuff delivered. Somewhere in all of the transactions, deliveries & repairs was bonnet 1- head 0, hammer 1- thumb 0, green ant sting 1- skin on leg 0.

Christmas time can end up being the exact opposite of what it is meant to be if you let it. The application of the lesson of Mary & Martha is a valuable reminder of what is to be truly celebrated. For many Christ is in the background as other distractions take centre stage…

Vincenzo Campi - Christ in the House of Mary and Martha

(House or Supermarket ?)


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