Saturday, 22 November 2014

Starry Starry Night

[Credit must of course go to Vincent van Gogh & Don Mclean on this one.Two major influences in the outcome of this creative piece. And God most of all for all His gifts to us.]

Starry, starry night, paint your palette/pallet green & white.

I really like art & craft. Working within grocery shops & industry being close by I am able to access lots of stuff (this is good/me & not good/wife). At times our garage gets to be more like a maze or labyrinth. Yesterday I made a tiny dent in my pallet collection & created a Christmas tree. Last night as the evening cooled after a very hot day I got to work on some images that I may use for a Scripture class at a local school depending on how things pan out.

Christmas time in Australia in the middle of summer is a bit bizarre with its northern hemisphere icons of Santa Claus, Snowmen & snowflakes among other things like reindeer, elves, holly & ivy. I noticed an internet drama in Holland last week with racial implications regarding ‘Black Pete’ who has connections with St Nicholas (but not Santa apparently), things can get complicated at times.

Like when the wise men followed the unusual or significant star that led them to the Saviour via King Herod [ Matthew 2:1-18 ]. Stars are something we can all relate to, no matter our geographical situation. Whether it’s the magnified balls of gas & colour spotted via a telescope, otherwise the twinkling ones visible to the eye way up there in the heavens with its many dark & deep mysteries that span time, place & space.

The wise men/Magi were not too heavenly minded though, what they found was below the star in the lowliest of places. So as many delight in the gifts below the tree under the star, so the wise men delighted & worshipped in the one below the star of significant light.

For unto us a child is born [Isaiah 9:6]


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