Friday, 28 November 2014


You are what you eat, it is said. The flamingo is a classic example of the way things we feed on can colour us to a point. While with the pink bird it is pigmented feathers, with humans, in a spiritual sense, it can show in how we speak, act & dress.

As the crimson, white & black grapes depend on the vine to sustain them for the purpose of life & fruit so it is with the human connection. To have life & to produce effectively in a way that is pleasing to God requires Jesus Christ to be the very centre & focus of our life.

It’s in Him & with him that our lives begin anew, being grafted in we start to branch, blossom & grow. John 15:1-17.

Our daughter, on the way home from Europe via South America has brought home a file full of photo's. She really enjoyed getting up close to the flamingo's & she has given me access to her images so I have been exploring some graphics options to enhance.


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