Thursday, 20 November 2014

On the wrong side of time

Biblically speaking, life is but a breath [Psalm 62:9]. That may take a bit of convincing for those who monitor the progress or lack of it when it comes to measuring devices as they await a particular time in a particular place [Been there, done that & probably will again] but the Hebrew [Gods promise to Abraham. Gen 12:1-9] poetry rings true in the span of things no matter how many times we may try to stop the clock or race against time.Many clever crimes have been attempted too by trying to create a false time line.

How we can long for things is part of who we are. Wrongly though we often long for what we do not need. Things that may in fact bring us down or into harm in more ways than one. Thankfully, time & again, God’s timeless Word comes in timely fashion to direct us in what really matters most, even as countless thousands seek to mess with our minds.

I observe many things where time is rightly considered to be of the essence, in the Bible & in life. Yet often enough a car may speed past at a hurrying pace only for me to meet up with it down the track at the next set or so of traffic lights. 

In the span of things God is of the essence.

Time flies

I watched a brief interview between Keller, Carson & Piper yesterday regarding "History" 

& last night I was doodling [on Picasa 3, Corel Paint Shop Pro 4 (mainly to create PNG images/files & Microsoft Powerpoint] with some images. Along with Gods Word & asking for His blessing on my work this is todays effort plus some extra preliminary images.

It was dead & on a pin


Ecc 9:11-12


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