Tuesday, 18 November 2014

In flight theology

2 Peter 3:1-18. In this passage of time, truth & text we travel the span from the ordered creation, the catastrophic flood then the cataclysmic end of earth, fire & rain with magnitude & purpose. In our travels things should become apparent as life appears to go on without divine intervention…

God is patient & working salvation, day & night.

We are to seek to live lives that are holy & godly, day & night.

There is an element of warning in this also, as if to say, be on guard when it comes to scoffers. This is no light & easy text for the church of God. While He gives us our joy, humour & blessings, maybe in sickness or in health, He gives us our warnings also. Father like, mother like, shepherd like... 

Last month this large Wedge tailed Eagle managed to carry away a baby Magpie chick at Bolwarra/Maitland/NSW. At home we often get magpies in our yard & feed them small portions of raw meat at times which they carry back to the nest to feed their young. They can often be seen with beaks full of bugs & insects from our garden too. As much as I delight in the eagle & its maker it gave me no joy to see the magpie chick carried away for food.


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