Saturday, 15 November 2014

Ground control & a Sovereign God

It was supposed to land here

It can be hard to get a good park at times. Hopefully it’s not in a no standing zone. I took my youngest daughter for her first driving lesson yesterday so I can sympathise with taking on new territory. Getting it just right can take much practise no matter how well you understand something with the intellect, particularly right gear & right speed before entering a corner & arm & hand movement on the wheel. It takes me back…I also ran out of fuel a few times taking my fuel supply to the limit.

Its clever & all that, but I see stuff here on earth just as, if not more amazing. Probably simple everyday stuff that humanity takes for granted as we go from one thing to another. Today is Sunday, we will head off to church & connect with God & His church. The light of the world in a dark place. It also has its failings yet there is no place I would rather be. God makes things also, things that I may rejoice in every day & always.

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