Friday, 14 November 2014

Bluesfest & Muddy Waters

The origin of the blues

Original sin is a consequence of broken trust & a relationship that has gone well & truly down the drain. Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away…Suddenly death enters the landscape & the light that beamed in the heart of humankind has been snuffed out. If Eve or Adam thought nothing was going to change their world, they now know better but are never the less helpless to do anything else about it, try as they might. Death & Decay become part of our DNA & clothing part of our protection.

While humanity is often swamped with the evolutionary narrative 

There is an origins debate that also exists within Christendom regarding just how lost is lost & just how saved is saved when it comes down to the sons of Adam & the daughters of Eve. The Canons of Dort [ ]is a document that investigates the darkness that now exists within the human frame of mind, body & soul. Ultimately both views point to Christ & draw upon the Scriptures as the Word of God, but as it is with the Bible just because someone quotes a verse or provides some ‘evidence’ doesn’t necessarily mean that the word is being applied with wisdom & godly guidance.

As it was with the Pharisees so it can be with us. As it was with Adam & Eve so it is with us. While laws are designed to create awareness & keep us safe, time & again we can make the wrong choices & pay dearly. Yet in Scripture, Christ is able to cancel our debt due to His sacrificial life that shed blood on behalf of the lost. Heb 9:22.




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