Monday, 13 October 2014

Tribulation is not dead

Rev 11:3-14

The two witnesses in sackcloth testifying is the church ministering to the world throughout the Gospel age which will expire. The world, under a powerful delusion, but very self-assured & propelled by spirit takes delight when the two witnesses are overpowered & killed by the beast. So much so that the giving of gifts seems appropriate. But their joy is short lived. God plays the revealing card at a time of His choosing, He breathes life & the two dead bodies come alive, they rise & walk. Joy now turns to terror for those that rejoiced in the downfall of the witnesses. This is not payback but judgement for not heeding the warnings of the message sent by God, a consequence of unbelief. Salvation alone comes through Christ.

I have compiled this working from the Bible passage & More than Conquerors. William 


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