Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The middleman

Beware or behold !

The local paper with its almost non- stop barrage of atheistic comment/complaint form recorded another inked & pixel - ed commentary for its readership to be informed or miss- informed as is often the case.

Needless to say but the sceptics & critics also get their information from somewhere but somehow that is OK because it’s OK because they are pots & religious people are just kettles on the great stove of simmering stories.

So anyhow I am not for one moment suggesting that the church or those in leadership are perfect & funnily enough when we read the Old & New Testament we don’t have to look that far before we understand that God understands this also. But all in all God still holds teaching & teachers as instruments of Grace & truth along with discipline, patience & mercy

How great is our God

How good is His news

The middle man who comes 
to take away the sin of the world

John 1:29


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