Saturday, 25 October 2014

Learning curves

At church of late we have been going through the book of Numbers. Time & again things went pear shaped (or viper head shaped) for the Israelites when they trod the path of disobedience. Yet God in mercy & patience bears with the failings of a stubborn people providing a way in which they may be healed. Numbers 21: 4-9 (The Bronze Serpent)

Many mistakenly assume (& deliberately misdirect often) that faith must be against technology, intelligence & medicine because of instances such as the bronze serpent but what is really going on is a spiritual lesson for the Israelites. Throughout Scripture there are numerous examples of day to day items that are used in our daily walk with God that find their source in the natural world. Christian scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc. walk by faith & gratefully use the abundance of creation to administer goodness to a sick & hurting world.

But ultimately to find what is necessary for true & lasting healing there is only one place that we must look. John 3:14. And as we make a pilgrimage through this life we may also wander onto a path of deception as the Israelites did. 1 Cor 10:9-13. On this earth & in this life we are instructed to tread carefully & keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

(The Bronze Serpent)

Desert dunes & vipers head/pear shape

Slithering serpents/snakes alive

Bronze serpent


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