Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lamenting in the big garden

In two media items yesterday, a cartoonist & an opinion writer both lamented the vast extinction of species that has recently been reported somewhere. Following on from that in the comments scroll many people’s estimation came down to animals being the jewel in the crown & humans along with apportioned blame being the lowest of the low.

In one way I would have to agree when it comes down to responsibility or management, humanity has not managed this side of things as it has taken so much for granted in its pursuit of power & wealth. But then again humankind is remarkable in intelligence & design that goes beyond a few degrees of difference from animals & in particular apes. We are unique & govern by the cultural mandate declared in Genesis.

It’s not hard to be inspired & stilled by the majestic & creative power of creation whether its micro, macro, small, medium, large or cosmic & if this is great how much greater is God.They are both awe inspiring, breath taking & beautiful, but I have to say God takes precedent & only He can save, even if we in small steps have sought to repair some of the damage.

Yes…humanity is broken & this world & universe is crumbling like a ruin. It’s not hard to see the crushing weight of sin, ignorance & decay. All the more so when we consider the primary original garden & what was lost there. We should lament this more than anything & then turn to Christ who alone can & is making all things new…There is only one way & He is the key to salvation & restoration.

Jesus keep me near the cross hymn lyrics


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