Thursday, 9 October 2014

God's messengers

I like Bob Gass, I hear him on the radio every now & then whilst on the road. In a way he is the Stephen Hawking of Christianity in the public domain when it comes to voice recognition (for me). It’s not that we don’t have our own individual sound or voice but some are more recognisable in an instant. I often thought of him as a frail or little (but wise & godly) old man when his broadcasts would come across the airwaves.

So one day I googled Bob Gass & put a face to the name & learnt a bit more. He has been an instrument of good like so many others as he brings the good news of the gospel to a fallen world.

In the little & big things Gods ways are pure & good & a unfathomable source of wisdom. While many make the assumption that religion is about Sundays or a once a week thing, Christianity is about every minute of every day. Maths & marriage, science & singleness, art, love & life, happy & sad, driving or walking, sitting or rising… & they find their fullness in Christ.

And while God’s ways do not change we are always learning, always growing, in the vastness of his kingdom. Put that in your inbox…


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