Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Apocalypse Now

Revelation…What a book, what a prophecy. If things were really as they seem then it wouldn’t be hard not to notice the end times, or so it would seem. While many are seeking to rewrite a history of their own making, the Apostle John, through the Spirit, presents this prophetic announcement for the eyes & ears of the church, the body of Christ.

Revelation as far as time goes is the gap between the resurrection of Christ & His second coming. Often though it can be presented as chronological, one big sweeping scene before the Christ again will appear on earth. Hendriksen (William Hendriksen: More than conquerors) however interprets the book as the same story told seven times that develops in climax.

Revelation is more than a T shirt with a few numbers on it or a barcode on a body part(mark of the beast & all that), nor is it fantasy or fanciful. Primarily symbolic this prophecy reveals a spiritual truth that reveals a humanity that has gone AWOL & takes matters into its own hands. God will not allow this rebellion to last, He will bring it to an end before all things can be made new again. Hallelujah for Revelation. 

Its a jungle (symbolic) out there...


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