Friday, 19 September 2014

The New Church and State


Some people go to great lengths in order to discredit the Bible. It would not surprise me in the least if Zoroastrianism was introduced into secular school education one way or another in order to create another myth that equally sits alongside evolution & deity (the ruling elite) by consensus....Secular Ethics, the new religion.

This scenario would fit nicely within the humanistic push of late to esteem humankind while blaming religion for all or most of the trouble in the world. It’s just one more way in order to whip up a storm with lots of smoke & mirrors.

The truth is evolution has more in common with Zoroastrianism than the Bible… survival of the fittest, militant & harsh disciples of Dawkins seeking to hook you by the nose & drag you along their path of logic.Hopefully they recall that God also had Babylon covered. Greece & Rome also as they shared their fifteen minutes of fame on the eternal time line.

An article of interest on how they get the story across the line without it even starting to begin with, anything is possible with imagination & evolution it would seem.


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