Saturday, 6 September 2014

Australian Gothic

An iconic Father’s day in 2014 

I like my dad, I love my dad. I don’t know when I first got to know him in the nature, nurture & developmental stages of my being. I suppose I got to know him as a parent first of all more than a person if that makes any sense. Over time it’s been a story here & story there, a conversation here, a conversation there (not Old McDonald’s farm) for the profile to unfold & reveal more of my dad. The relationship I have with dad is personal, unique & purpose built, a bit like a barn with a lot of family & community playing its part. 

Not Australian Gothic(an exception)
American Gothic (1930) Grant Wood

"All the good ideas I've ever had came to me while I was milking a cow." Grant wood

And sort of rural more than Gothic so I guess the barn is symbolic of hard work, 
particularly on the land but this would also be true of a womans tasks
 in the home or further away....
but sheds are often considered blokey or part of the male domain, 
either way, Iowa it aint, this is Australia.


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