Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Space cowboys

Last night I met the man who recently sung David Bowie in space which in turn received 22 million hits on youtube & counting.…

Towards the very end of the interview  Chris Uhlmann (reporter) asks Chris Hadfield (Astronaut) if there is life out there….Hadfield made no mention of mars or rover but said in the last ten years in our galaxy alone 20 billion earth like planets have been observed, he then goes on to say there are about 200 billion galaxies. Statistically speaking life is out there & anyone who believes that we, the inhabitants of earth are unique when it comes to life suffers from a myopic arrogance…yet so far to date the observational science is backing the myopic arrogance & NASA lives in hope or is that false hope.

I am not surprised by the Astro man being blown away by it all up there in his little tin can amongst all the space junk, it’s not that hard to be blown away down here also when you take time to meditate on the wonders God has done. King David humbly accepts & admires the work of God the Spirit & puts it to music in Psalm 8: 1-9.

That God should come down to us in mercy that we may know His love instead of watching from a distance is a generous act of free grace. For all the planets & stars in their grand array God is into humans & values them deeply.

Looking for love/Urban cowboy


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