Saturday, 9 August 2014

Praise & Gaze

Human intelligence flowing from the image of God that advances & retreats in the span of a life, male or female, has led to some great discoveries. The design of the human eye is really a bit much for me. I could probably grasp it more given enough time & study but it is not up there on my list so far.

I am happy enough just to enjoy its benefits & praise the Creator, resting in His wisdom. There is also a certain amount of delight I get from looking at those 3D optic infused patterns, what appears to be  randomish & repetitive  really has  much more to it. Within it is a very distinct & precise invisible picture with depth.

So it is with this life & the pattern of this world…God calls us to look deeper. He is there in the midst of it giving shape & order to our lives through faith in Christ. Sundays in particular we get to gaze on the greatness of God shown in Christ the redeemer as we head to church.

Psalm 27:4

 2.5 min video of Psalm 27 Sons of Korah

11 minute video of Psalm 27 Sons of Korah


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