Sunday, 31 August 2014

Poetry in motion

September one...the first day of Spring. This portion of the planets climate transforms as flowers begin to bloom & colour gardens & fields. Tiny livestock can be spotted resting in paddocks, after the rain the grass that is now a golden brown  from winter frosts will grow green & coat the hills as the water softens & moistens the dry earth or fills tiny creeks that feeds streams & rivers. Trickling, swirling & bubbling while frogs croak, birds call & kangaroo’s hop & thud in the forest. Ants are busy with maintenance & Rosellas are sharing in a lavish feast of grass seeds as bees buzz from place to place. It’s not that I don’t see the death, the decay & the misery, but something speaks louder or clearer or nearer. The silent & joyful song of Spring in all its design & purpose is here again, it has returned.

Birds of the field (rosella feeding young) 


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