Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pies & piety

It’s Friday & for a majority of workers that means the weekend is not far away, Monday to Thursday have been “are we there yet” moments, Wednesday was hump day…. up to the summit & seeing the promised land off in the distance, “any day now I shall be released”. It’s a simple equation, work equals slavery, and the weekend equals freedom. It’s a popular narrative of the burdened but very condensed with its moaning & groaning.

For those that are overworked (& maybe under paid) pushed to their limit or sick the evenings & weekends are a welcome respite & understandably so, for others it’s a repetitive moan of ungratefulness & exaggeration & who hasn’t been there & tasted the tastelessness of self.

Self is probably the world’s biggest religion that had its beginnings in heaven when Satan fell.  Isaiah 14:12-14. It’s a pretty big religion full of servant hood, the thing is you are the master & you get to serve yourself, so you would probably find agreement with  Jesus who said it is better to give than to receive. Acts 20:35. But Jesus also said love your neighbour as yourself & God most of all. In this we find our all in all…each & every day. How do we compare.

Disclaimer: "Looking after or looking out for number one" has biblical merit…if we can’t look after ourselves how can we expect to look after others. But even here we must colour within the lines as we conform to the likeness of God. Rom 12:2

Gotta serve somebody/Dylan : Lyrics




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