Tuesday, 12 August 2014

If I were a rich man

The love of money as a powerful force was observed by the writer of Ecclesiastes. Ecc 5: 8-10. In this way the Old Testament resonates with the New as Jesus himself warned of the very same thing. The warning is not just for the rich but for all, it will never satisfy, you will never have enough. True enough & easily said but how often do we think just a bit (or a lot) more would bring happiness or satisfaction.

Of course the Bible is not ruling out money or work which can be good things …nor is it ruling out our prayerful requests that God would provide all that we need. But the context is for our body & soul & God knows us better than we know ourselves & His care comes with the richest measure of goodness & love.

Today more than ever (possibly) money & success seem to go hand in hand, a given if you like, have it & you will be OK, have it & you will be esteemed, have it & you have finally made it. The Bible warns against such shallow thinking in this regard, all that glitters is not gold. God knows & He wants us to know it & take hold of it too…

Foolishly we fail to see at times the countless blessings that surround us on a daily basis, loaded up with worry our hearts are facing downwards instead of upwards. What we want & what God teaches don’t always come together as they should.

tuning in to trust

The title & the (reworked)image have been taken from the film "Fiddler on the roof"


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