Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Time & place

“If there really was a God he wouldn’t allow the little children to suffer” or words to that affect were told to me yesterday, among other things… It can be hard explaining that God is making all things new, that one day not only suffering (regardless of age) but also greed, corruption & injustice will be wiped away like a tear never to fall again.

It can be hard pointing people to consider Jesus & to trust in Him, especially with all the conspiracy theories swirling about regarding Scripture. Yet nothing is too hard for God…In the flesh or in the Spirit God gives His all & He will accomplish & complete. Not on a day of our choosing but His. As it was at Golgotha, on the road to Emmaus & Pentecost (Luke 23 -25) so it is with each & every day.

Rev 18:4-20


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