Friday, 4 July 2014

Run Mustang Run. July 4

Today is July the Fourth, on the world stage it’s something about America & politics which at one time was connected to English rule. There is a lot that can be said about America, there is probably a lot of listening too in America, there is also a saying, only in America…

There’s a pink hotel, little pink houses & one on a prairie, some bridges in Brooklyn & Madison, a mountain named Walton & hills & Billy’s in Beverley, cowboys at midnight cowboys in rhinestone, yellow taxis that steal old men & screen doors that slam on Thunder road. There are bikes in Orange County & men in black helicopters. Houston has a problem, there’s purple rain & alligator lizards in the air, girls in Californeyeaye, corn in Iowa & somewhere they eat green fried tomatoes. A field of dreams, wood that is made of silk & a gate made of water...old black water….

The Doobie Brothers - Black Water


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