Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Its a bugs life...

Google doodles have understandably been getting into world cup themes of late. Today’s is pretty clever considering the VW bug plays/played such a big role in both countries. As far as icons go the VW Bug is up there in the stats. I had a VW for a few years after my muscle car days. From memory, they can have a gear ratio of 4 to 1 which can make them very quick off the mark. Wheel stands are not out of the question with some added horsepower, especially as the engine & gearbox sits in the rear.

My grandparents had a 2 door VW with blinker arms that popped out of the door pillars & a small compartment behind the back seat that Chiko (a basset hound) would sit in. Once when mum & dad were overseas they sent back a VW postcard, it has remained as one of my favourite automobile pictures over the years….

This car is in not so good a shape…a bit like Brazil at present who are down 5 nil as the teams go to half time…


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