Saturday, 5 July 2014

Elec TRON ics

Some say the best way to connect with God is to be immersed in nature. The Bible echoes this at times but only like a secondary colour. In order to connect with God, truly connect with God, not His creation it all begins with Jesus. This is of primary importance otherwise you end up worshipping or glorying in nature & not God.

Some say the best way to connect with life is to disconnect from religion & discover the power of the mind & it’s intelligence. Apparently humans have the ability to self- correct (given enough time & the right conditions) maybe that’s why there seems to be so many new blacks whether they are purple, orange or whatever…free your mind.

In reality we cannot do without the God & nature connect, but it goes much deeper than that. To appreciate the hard & software we must come to Christ & submit to Him, it’s His program, He knows how it works & who the Hackers are.

An old wooden cross, a bunch of misfits often bumbling along & a carpenters son, hardly seems a remedy to solve the problems of humanity that has advanced so much in knowledge if you look on the surface of things…yet the human heart remains the same…

Turn, turn… before it’s too late, says Christ Jesus. Matt 24


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