Monday, 14 July 2014

Deja vu in mono tone

It’s 2014 for crying out loud…when you hear this I think you’re meant to get the implication pretty quick. There is a belief that religion was just an invention of the human mind to cope with the things that can make us afraid as apes allegedly came out of the trees & evolved into humans. Those goat herders from way back started all this mess…allegedly, then the implication…there is no God, we may do as we please. The apes to human is a great story that has more twists & turns than an illuminated manuscript, it also requires much faith for all the pieces to fit together.

The brick makers & yet to be again goat herders were coming out themselves, but not out of trees, it was out of Egypt by the power of the one eternal God. After escaping the misery instigated by the power of flail and crook a new road lay ahead & it wasn’t going to Rome just yet, eventually though it would [The Apostle Paul & the message of Redemption in Christ]. The Bible does not deny the advancement of human knowledge. Dan 12:4. Nor kingdoms or economies for that matter made of iron, bronze, clay, silver or gold. Dan 2:45. Yet it speaks of something far more precious, loving & lasting.

You see we are all coming out, but we are also on different roads or the same road heading in different directions. Jesus, who isn’t dead, tells us there is only one way. John 14:6 

Romans 6:23


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