Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cruising & Crying.

I had a friend (Ross) whose uncle was a speedway driver. As young men we would go to the speedway here in Australia (Tomago NSW). Occasionally the “yanks” would visit for a series challenge. Some years later I had made friends with a guy (Dave) up the road who had moved in from the country & was a whizz with anything mechanical or anything attached to something mechanical…he ended up getting a job with the said speedway driver who also part owned a smallgoods company.

So we got into cars bit by bit, in particular, Ford V8 Windsor & Cleveland engines which meant gearboxes, brakes, suspension & diff’s followed. So I built up a good knowledge base over the years & have been trying to implement many of those skills in repairing our cars over the years with much success….My wife’s modern car/computer/Rubik’s cube however is taking me to the limit one more time, on a regular basis. Forget all the nice sounding inspiring names from the marketing department for now. In the Gods must be crazy the Leyland jeep is renamed “antichrist” I wouldn’t go that far…maybe I will settle for the “Black Hole”.

 The Gods must be crazy

Speedway @ Nazareth

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