Sunday, 20 July 2014

Close encounters

Our current minister is no rabbit but he likes to hop, skip, or jump when it comes to the Bible of late. What started out as small steps through Genesis & Exodus has now turned into leaping along books & chapters. All of a sudden we found ourselves scouting out the Promised Land with the elected representatives of the ancestral tribes of Israel. Num 13:1-25

Big fruit, big people & big worries were the majority call regarding the exploration. In their estimation of things & in comparison, the Israelites amounted to nothing more than grasshoppers. Moses & Aaron became public enemy number one, once again Egypt with all its misery sounded very inviting for the backward thinking travellers.

What made things even more ironic was that when God instructed that the Israelites head back to the desert the Israelites have a change of heart, not faith inspired though, this time they will take on the big people on their own terms. Num 14: 44. Yet again they go against the Heavenly Father.

Psalm 32: 1-11


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