Friday, 11 July 2014

By the waters...

The place where I live with my family was once inhabited by the Gringgai clan of the Wanaruah people. It was initially known as Erringhi, presumably the Aboriginal name for the site, it is thought to mean 'place of wild ducks'.

Doing deliveries this week in East Maitland I passed the local Aboriginal building/meeting place which was a hive of activity due to Naidoc Week. Mostly I identify strongly with Aboriginal people & their culture, although our beliefs would be in contrast & conflict. The great southern land of Terra Australis has a not so great record when it comes to persecution & injustice.

One of the terrible tragedies was the taking away of the children, the tearing apart of the family fabric, which cuts so deeply on both sides of the divide. An Aboriginal man/artists shares the experience in song….Archie Roach

Aboriginal Heritage


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