Tuesday, 24 June 2014


What goes up must come down says the science, gravity & all that stuff, probably physics to be more specific. I did a quick check on wiki (pedia) on G force, after about two or three sentences in I started to remember why I dropped out of Year 11 in high school. I was sitting in a physics class, a subject I should never have picked,(There were other forces at play also) I would have been more at home on planet Tatooine in the pirate city of Mos eisley in a Cantina (Star wars bar for short).At least that is how I felt at the time.

Mind you I have been pulling my wife’s Japanese designed east west engine &4WD gearbox out of its compartment which seems to defy all logic due to its complexity & degree of difficulty. “They don’t make em like they used to” & progress is not a word I would choose either. But now I am so much closer, a little wiser & more disciplined in my approach that I may even qualify as the last engine Samurai as I meditate before components in the engine bay.

So…apart from Sci Fi can anything defy gravity… the computer may say no, a Ninja may come close, a skeptic will object, but the Bible says yes, it has been observed in a moment in history…Pointing to the divine & supernatural. Jesus, God & man, who is not bound by what He has made, is almighty God. As far as physics goes, He has crushed death, it no longer has the power to hold.

facial recognition in heaven...


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