Saturday, 7 June 2014

Nothing random about it, an enemy did this…

I don’t mind a bit of science, especially the operational type, the theoretical though can become so stretchy that its own version of circular reasoning (science can tell us all we need to know, [eventually]) is lost to truth even though it is presented more as fact than theory.

Often, being intelligent beings & able to observe the natural world is a great blessing, other creatures function in this fashion also but humanity reigns supreme in this regard.

The earth & its surrounds is a text book of examples, past & present, but this is not enough subject matter to truly understand life & all its predicaments. In our limitedness, God the Spirit, who cannot die, provides another book & it also lives…the Bible. In this world there is the natural & supernatural working as one times two.

The parable of the weeds as taught by Jesus explains it well. Spiritually Modified Crops.
Matt 13: 24-30. Matt 13: 36-43


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