Thursday, 5 June 2014

Making sense of it all

It’s Friday morning, many people are heading off to work, it’s a long weekend with the Queen’s birthday so I am expecting to see a bit of holiday traffic on the roads throughout the day & especially later this afternoon around three or four pm & on wards, even though there is a bit of rain about. It’s not really the Queen’s birthday though, that was in April & she is not really a queen either in the true sense of the word, maybe that’s why we don’t share a commonwealth either (what’s left of it) but we still have commonwealth games. So it’s all a bit waxy…like going to the wax works, it’s almost real, but it’s not, an impression of reality.

Many of us would have been fooled by the appearance of something or someone, it would be a safe thing to say there is a lot of deception, fragmented reality & replica’s around. In this type of environment it would be easy to be led astray. This can cut both ways though, tragic & terrible but also funny & humorous…
Enter Lieutenant Columbo...


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