Thursday, 26 June 2014

Building to the Eternal Standard

Some things are just “a bridge too far” no matter how hard we try. At other times we may “bridge the gap” only to burn it at a later date. “Life is a journey” & along that journey there is likely to be a bridge or two, or three or four, or five or six….

Francis Schaeffer spoke of bridges when evaluating philosophy throughout history…little humpbacked bridges…

“A culture or an individual with a weak base can stand only when the pressure on it is not too great. As an illustration, let us think of a Roman bridge. The Romans built little humpbacked bridges over many of the streams of Europe. People and wagons went over these structures safely for centuries, for two millennia. But if people today drove heavily loaded trucks over these bridges, they would break. It is this way with the lives and value systems of individuals and cultures when they have nothing stronger to build on than their own limitedness, their own finiteness. They can stand when pressures are not too great, but when pressures mount, if then they do not have a sufficient base, they crash-just as a Roman bridge would cave in under the weight of a modern six-wheeled truck. Culture and the freedoms of people are fragile. Without a sufficient base, when such pressures come only time is needed and often not a great deal of time-before there is a collapse.”

Francis Schaeffer/ How should we then live

Ever heard of the wise man & the foolish man…Matt 7:24-39

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