Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Yogi Bird

Before leaving for New Zealand I was trying to work out what creature might be of interest regarding photos. First choice was Albatross but in the end this was impractical. My wife & I managed a day trip to Arthurs Pass so there was no shortage of landscapes, water falls & braided river scapes. There were posters around warning about a native alpine parrot (The Kea) & how they should not be fed. I could see some flying above which was great to see them in the wild. I trekked up a steep track but was unable to locate any. Walking around the small town we spotted six or so Kea in a car park feeding on bread scraps & checking out cars.

These birds take quality control to the maximum, their extended beak can really get into the smallest of places & rubber seems to be great to munch on, tow bars also, anything goes with the Kea. Their feathers are beautiful shades of olive green. Under their wings is a bright reddish orange plumage often associated with many parrots.

I could move in close, just out of arms reach & they didn’t seem too bothered…maybe they were checking out what edible parts came with my camera! It was great to be near them, listening, watching.

Quality control

I got my own video but uploading is slow.


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