Sunday, 18 May 2014

Twisting by the Pool

Rubik's Cube video

According to Google the Rubik’s cube is 40 years old today, a colourful mathematical puzzle with an order that once scrambled requires various moves for order again to be restored. This morning I found a video that shows a man solving three floating Rubik’s puzzles whilst under water in a pool, in under one minute (approx).

If only life’s problems were solved with such speed…dream on…& yes when it comes to life I am persuaded that whilst it would be easy to peel off the coloured stickers to make them match to create the impression of success this would only be an on the surface solution that fails to grasp the significance & severity of it all even though it may bring a laugh or two or three.

According to Watching the Wheels/Lennon

“…People asking questions lost in confusion,
well I tell them there's no problem, only solutions…

It would be nice to drop out of work for a year or five to focus on the birth of a new born son, yet this would be no solution for the majority of working people. For the Christian, our lives are in God’s hands, what may appear to be random or chaotic is rather part of a perfect plan working for the good of those that love Him. The call to live by Faith trusting God's every move is for our ultimate good. As it was with Abraham so it is with all God's children.

He watches over you

Sons of Korah / Psalm 121

Dire Straits / Twisting by the Pool


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