Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rio & the Redeemer

 The 2014 World Cup is not far away now, the game that is called beautiful will be showcased in Brasil. The humble three branded (Adidas?) Armadillo has been selected as the mascot & given a makeover in keeping with mega marketing & the colours of Brazil. It goes by the name of Fuleco (Futebol/Ecology)

Just up the hill in Rio, Christ the Redeemer, a mega art deco statue made of reinforced concrete & soapstone stands high above the city with arms out stretched, open hands & a downward gaze. Christ’s primary interest is the saving of souls of every nation which are held captive to the power of sin. The Gospel of salvation has been opened up to every tribe & nation on earth due to the rejection of the Messiah by Israel as is recorded in Romans 9:30-10:21.


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