Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Life in the fast & slow lane

The older I get, the more my eye sight blurs, the more I see, at least today anyway. Hunches & suspicions that I have had about society or people not being all their cracked up to be has probably been helped along by Hollywood & the News among other things. The righteous virtuous me quickly identifies with what is obviously wrong with this broken & crooked world & so it should.

But if I pause for a moment & consider my own life & failings I know that I too have not been as righteous & virtuous in my life time thus far, yet two wrongs don’t make a right & being stuck in neutral is not going to get me very far unless I am on the top of a hill… I have done that a few times, coasted down a hill to see how far I could get: a study in momentum & saving petrol when running on empty with a four barrel carby in younger days.

The words of Jesus recorded in Scripture reveals the need to be wary of being fooled by outward appearance & shallow hearts.

Luke 18:9-14

The depth of God’s wisdom & mercy is never ending as it speaks to the heart governed by faith. If there is one place where it all comes together... it begins & ends with Christ Jesus.


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