Saturday, 10 May 2014

Happy Mother’s Day

On one level there is a lot I like about the 1960’s, partly nostalgic, partly appreciative, the good old days that once were & where only now a partial cultural finger print remains. I was born in the sixties, lived in the sixties, was there in the seventies, made it through the eighties, managed the nineties & entered a new millennium (Thank you God).

In more ways than I can remember my mum has been of significant influence. Mothers are unique in their role as parents. My mum worked as a secretary & was a particularly good cook who liked to create Italian dishes. She was a bit fashion conscious & did not always appreciate my early leanings to a grunge look. For the record she still is a good cook.

Over the years we have had our battles & disagreements but she has been a good mum. The Bible urges me to appreciate & respect my mum & to be patient when she gets things wrong. This example of love has helped us live in a meaningful relationship as we grow in understanding & appreciation. I am glad she has been patient with me also as I struggled with responsibility, maturity & learning to see things not just my way.

I remember getting to borrow her car at times & would take it for a cruise along the main streets in the town. It wasn’t pee yellow or puke green though, signal red was how it was when I rolled in mum’s car.

Another time…another place

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