Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I crossed an ocean in a ship way up high above the sea as I sat on a seat in a shell at great speed. Two hours or so can go pretty quick with a three course mini meal & thousands of entertainment buttons to select from. Public transport on the other hand is a bit more grounding & less flattering.

So I have been on an adventure, a visit to the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. A holiday slash wedding slash I may as well take lots of photos while I am here triune experience. The majority of our family flew over the week before visiting family on the north island then ferried over to the south & made their way down to Christchurch where we touched down to an extended family reunion at the airport.

We had several day trips & lots of family gatherings. The recent earthquakes have destabilised life & business as the country seeks to rebuild after the earth shattering experience.

The wedding has been in the planning stages for a year or so, it was uploaded to live stream. I was given paparazzi rights to click at will which was kind of fun & the wedding was a truly beautiful occasion

Tom & Nikita posted about 5 days ago


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