Wednesday, 30 April 2014

GT/ Grand Tour/ Growing Together

Lots of places with trees in NZ, many without too. We stayed in a place called Redwood. Apparently this is “the” Redwood that gets a mention in Heart of Gold/Neil Young. As is often the case these days there is only a remnant of Redwood in Redwood, perhaps only one large tree remaining & as a tree it looks out of place in a suburb of roads & structures. I live near a place called Millers Forest & the forest is no more. Pine forests on the other hand in NZ seem to be vast, there is a place called Bottle Lake Forest that is open to mountain biking, walking & horse riding. The abundance of greenery, moisture, shade & sunshine cannot be bought. High up in the mountains beech trees cover the slopes as waterfalls cascade downward turning streams into rivers.

We are not much on our own for all our individuality, which has its place. We are much more in community. According to Scripture we are social beings made in the image of God, called to be a people that declares His praise. Finding sustaining grace in the abundant resources of God, his Creation & Word our hearts reach heavenwards as we grow little by little, day by day.


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