Thursday, 3 April 2014

Goose bumps

I think many in society approach the Jesus story with great scepticism…. surprise, surprise or duh! What I mean to say is that if those same people were around at the time of Jesus & witnessed the miracles then somehow they may see themselves as convinced, and then believe on that basis. But even the teachers of the law witnessed healings but then went on to rebuke Jesus for breaking Gods rules & in the end really wanted him out of the way. 
Matt 9:1-8. Others recognised a political advantage in having Jesus & His power as a personal representative.

In 2 Kings 5:1-19 an Assyrian official suffers from leprosy. He becomes indignant upon hearing how his leprosy can be healed. The simplicity of it all is too much, yet eventually he is persuaded to follow instruction & reaps the blessing.

I realise leprosy can now be healed by medicine but this was not an option for Naaman. Suffering from the fall & infected by sin, humanity is in just as much need today of healing. Medicine & care is of great benefit but cannot restore what humanity forfeited through reckless disobedience. Only in Christ can humanity be restored to its former position of peace with God.

Just as I am (Johnny Cash)

An Assyrian bearded duck in the vicinity of the fertile crown

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