Tuesday, 1 April 2014

God is not bound by gravity or the grave

Lately I have been reading a little bit about the Apostle Peter, from what I can tell the only person apart from Jesus who walked on water, at least for a while. I have seen an Asian monk attempt to run along floating objects & dirt bikes given the right conditions can aquaplane across the surface of water but walking on water is impossible humanly speaking.

Yet Peter on Christ’s encouragement steps out of a boat & momentarily begins to walk towards Jesus until he cries out in fear as he begins to sink like a rock after being phased by the wind. In sport we are taught not to take our eye off the ball, in faith our focus should be on Christ.

Many followed Christ because of the miracles but Peter sees something more…the Son of God. Peter eventually becomes rock solid after some sinking & painful moments. As a disciple & Apostle, Peter becomes more Christ like through the faithfulness & power of God who is dependable in all circumstances. Matt 14:22-36


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