Sunday, 13 April 2014

Blessed is He

Zech 9:9

I recall my grandmother being disappointed once after church many years ago, as we sat down to a cup of coffee in her lounge room she mentioned how the minister had not included Palm Sunday in the Bible message. It wasn't a legalistic complaint for she saw Jesus & His grace in the Palm Sunday service. Only a small thing in the scheme of things but it has stuck with me over the years. We had some good chats me & my Ma.

The first thing that I noticed this morning as I walked into church was the projected image of a large palm frond up on the wall. In an instant I thought of my grandmother & also Palm Sunday. There are so many things that converge in the lead up to Easter regarding the Old & New Testament.

I came across this post on Desiring God today…One way or another, through the gospel our life will converge with the Christ. It is easy to point the finger at the religious leaders & rightly so when we see how the knowledge of God had been distorted & abused, however sin being sin we also need to realise we also sent/ or was a reason why the Christ went all the way to the cross. Our sin is no less ugly 


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