Friday, 4 April 2014


This magnificent depiction of an Assyrian bearded duck may have been the pet of King Ashurbanipal. As a keen reader & seeker of knowledge it would be only fitting to keep acquaintance with one of the most magnificent creatures to grace earth, sky & sea.

Depicted here in gold with flecks of Lapis lazuli it is understood that the aquatic bird was held in high esteem. Thought to have survived the devastation of Ninevah in 612 BC this immaculate relief stands testament to such a creature as this.

It is quite possible that the regal duck rode upon the chariot with King Ashurbanipal during lion hunts, if the life of the King was in danger the duck would be able to swiftly manoeuvre in & take out the threat with winged mastery.

Better late than never they say, this was probably more suitable for an April one release


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